How to make the best out of lectures where you will receive a lot of information

James Clewett

This is a must watch video where James Clewett gives us amazing advice on how to make the best out of lectures.
The first weeks are quite intense for freshers, the pace is hugely accelerated and there’s no one to make sure you do your homework!
First of all don’t panic with the work load! Plan your time and go to class!
Know your timetable and turn up. If you show up to class you have a better chance to get a higher grade.
Making notes is part of the learning process. Reading is not enough for most people, you need to put the ideas on paper. Write notes!
Give an hour to review your lesson and make notes on the things you don’t understand. If you don’t understand everything you saw in class, when you are revising for your exams you will panic. So take those notes and ask your lecturer to clarify your doubts. Remember that you are entitled to do that!

James Clewett - Dealing with lectures with large amounts of information