Ditch social media – get writing!

Elizabeth Wragg

We are inviting anyone who seriously needs to write to come along to ‘The Writing Space’, (Monday afternoons at Penryn Campus, Tuesday at Falmouth Campus) to focus on writing in a distraction-free space with plenty of support and encouragement.       

What do you wish you knew as a fresher?


Watch post-grad students telling you what they know now about first year and what they wish they knew as a fresher.

Absorb everything and experience as much as you can.
Ask for help and use the services we have for you such as ASK: Academic Skills, Inclusive: Accessibility and Dyslexia Skills, The Library and Student Services.
Be prepared and make it count, don’t forget that what you do in your first year will stay in your degree transcript.


What do you know now that you wish you had known as a fresher?

What makes a great lecture?


Students tell us what they think a great lecture is all about.

A good lecture is not just delivering the information in the right way. It is about engaging your audience, creating the right environment for them to learn from each other, and making sure that they leave the room wanting to know more.

Language Learning Community

Richard Little

From June to August the English for Academic Purposes team run a Summer English Language Programme. For the final session, the Language in Use group decided they’d like to visit the Minack Theatre. The classes for post grads and researchers have brought together a community of learning from 10 different countries. As well as working on academic writing and the joys of grammar and pronunciation, final presentations gave us all a chance to learn about the group’s research topics from protecting the habitat of the Japanese dormouse, to tidal mooring systems, to Porcelain lamps.

Tips for mature students

Deborah McFarlane and Lorraine Sharp

Our next stop in Welcome Week, is this video we created to help mature students have a good comeback to education. Tips for mature students from Creative Writing 3rd Year Student Lorraine Sharp. Also, what Student Plus is all about and how you can benefit from being part of it. 

Top Tips for Life in Cornwall

Richard Little

A very, very long time ago when I was doing an initial teacher training course, there was a session on motivation and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, how learners basic physical requirements have to be satisfied before they can concentrate on  higher order needs - achievement, developing  creativity and so on. Make of that what you will, but in Languages we are sure that all students and particularly international students need to feel settled and happy in their ‘non-academic’ lives before they can really work to their full potential.

Welcome to our blog!

Deborah McFarlane

Every great learner or teacher is a member of a learning community. Here in Cornwall we have a unique community with two universities and two beautiful campuses. The aim of this blog is to connect students, academic staff and academic support staff. We want to use this space to reflect on the thinking that goes into the development of our teaching and resources. We are inviting contributions from staff and students to create conversations about learning, teaching and university life. We hope this adds another dimension to the Study Hub resources and makes them more meaningful.

Work in progress

Our new blog is under development, please come back soon.