How the web works and filter bubbles

1 - Google

You can’t Google your way to a degree – but it can help you, if used intelligently.

2 - Try new technologies and resources

See Tools, Apps, Books and Sites (TABS) for suggestions.

3 - Library subject guides

Signpost you to important online resources.

4 - Be selective and critical of what you find

Consider what is useful and relevant, avoid what is misleading or lacking credibility. This takes practice. See:

5 - Copyright

Understand when copyright applies – always acknowledge sources

6 - Build your networks

As well as tutors, students and support services, online help and forums can be valuable sources of information.

7 - Learn ways to build a positive profile

Employers will look at it.

8 - Be safe and respectful

Think about your personal and professional reputation when you are online.

Digital literacy and IT skills