Language resources - Grammar - TABS

  • British Council

    All areas of grammar

    A general resource that looks at lots of different grammar areas.

  • Articles

    A resource that focuses on articles.

  • Cause and effect

    A website that explores different ways of expressing cause and effect.

  • Comparing

    A website that looks at different ways to express comparisons.

  • Conditionals

    This website provides simple explanations of the four types of conditionals, with an exercise to practise them at the end.

  • English Tenses

    English Tenses is a website that focuses on different verb tenses.

  • Grammar for EAP

    Short, easy- to- read explanations are followed by exercises to help develop academic style and accuracy with sections on areas such as paraphrasing and making your writing flow (connectors).

  • Linking words

    This website will help you check the real function of linking words.

  • Modals

    The aim of this resource is to help you write tentative sentences using modals.

  • Passive voice

    This slideshow page is to explain and give practice on the passive voice.