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  • Image of the ATBar icons


    Free downloadable software to use in your browser, on a memory stick or in Windows. Use it to change font, font size or background colour. Read selected text out loud or look up words in the dictionary.

  • CiteThisForMe -RefME

    RefME users when they try to log in are re-directed to the CiteThisForMe website and are asked to create a new password

  • Link to ClaroSpeak website


    Import or type text and hear it read out loud. Change voice, background colour, font and spacing (iOS - free).

  • Cogi

    Cogi keeps the last few moments of audio buffered. When someone says something interesting, just tap the highlight button and Cogi backs up to capture and save what was just said. Then tap again to stop it recording. Saves you having to listen to long recordings. iOS and Android.

  • Link to droptask

    Drop Task

    Create visual to-do lists with items grouped together by colour. Can set dates, link files, choose priority etc. Useful for group projects too.

  • Link to Easy Voice Recorder

    Easy Voice Recorder

    Recording app for Android which allows you to record and transfer audio files to your computer.

  • Link to Emoodji site


    Fun app created by Mind and aimed at students. Take a selfie and add an emoji to record how you feel. Send to a friend or use it to track your mood over time.

  • Evernote

    Organise notes into notebooks. Add images, sketches, lists and webclips. Access anywhere. Available across a range of platforms.

  • Link to Feel Stress Free site

    Feel Stress Free

    This app shows you useful techniques for reducing stress and anxiety in a fun way.

  • Link to Focus Keeper Free

    Focus Keeper Free

    Free Pomodoro timer for iOS.