RefME - CiteThisForMe - Important Info updated

RefME has been sold to Chegg the owners of CiteThisForMe - update 22-03-17

RefME users when they try to log in are re-directed to the CiteThisForMe website and are asked to create a new password.
Any reference lists created in RefME should have migrated to CiteThisForMe and should be still available.

CiteThisForMe have recently added the Falmouth University - Harvard to the available styles.

Former RefME users can use CiteThisForMe for free up until June (after this date CiteThisForMe will charge for keeping references for more than 7 days - which is already the case for new users). All references must be carefully checked – no referencing tool is perfect.
Alternatively, students can use any other referencing tool that outputs in Harvard and then convert to Falmouth style using the ASK referencing guides.

Some RefME users have experienced problems and their lists have not been automatically transferred to CiteThisForMe.

If you have lost your references we encourage you to contact CiteThisForMe Support:

  • e.g. “I appear to have lost all my RefME references!” 
  • Make sure you use the same email address you used for RefME!
  • CiteThisForMe have been good at responding to issues caused by the transfer
If you are a Falmouth student it is possible to export references from CiteThisForMe to RefWorks.

Exporting from CiteThisForMe to RefWorks, or other referencing tools, is via: More >> Export >> Export as BibTeX


This takes a few minutes but the big advantage is that RefWorks also supports the Falmouth Harvard style and will continue to be available for free for Falmouth students after June.  

It takes a little while to get used to the interface but it does have a number of advantages (storing and annotating pdfs for instance).

If you would like help with this you can ask at the InfoPerch.