Careers Support for Neurodivergent students

Your careers service is here to help prepare you for life and work after university, offering quality advice and guidance throughout your course, and for as long as you need it after graduation. 

You'll have access to tools, resources and e-learning to help you realise your potential and secure your career, including: 

  • CV and application form advice. 
  • Booking 1:1 appointments. 
  • Advice on finding work experience, graduate jobs, or postgraduate study. 
  • Guidance for interviews and assessment centres. 
  • Helping you to book on our career workshops and events.  

Other help and advice

  • Clear Talents - many resources for ND job seekers, including a profile tool for discussing reasonable adjustments.
  • Ambitious About Autism  - an organisation offering tools and supportive information relating to employment and employability.   
  • Exceptional Individuals - provides support, including CV support and advice; career coaching; and a mentoring programme.   
  • The Image Project - a range of resources to help students navigate the transition to employment, e.g. how to identify skills and strengths; how to disclose to an employer; how to deal with/avoid conflict relating to autism; how to prepare for a meeting with a careers adviser, etc.    
  • The National Autistic Society offer a free online course on the steps involved in applying for work, interview tips and starting a job.   
  • The silent struggles of workers with ADHD - BBC article.
  • The British Dyslexia Association has an information and advice page on looking for work; whether to disclose to an employer; how to present your strengths, plus links to helpful organisations.   
  • The Dyspraxia Foundation offers help and advice for jobseekers, on applying for a job; interviews; disclosure; and strategies at work.  
  • Disclosure - Neurodiversity - how to explain neurodivergent characteristics to an employer in a way which focuses on strengths.
  • Reasonable Adjustments - Neurodiversity - lists of adjustments which might be useful for neurodivergent employees.
  • Disability Rights leaflet on Access to Work.