Step 4 – plan your time

By now you will have realised that there is quite a lot of studying to manage!  Especially if you have a job or caring responsibilities alongside.  Of course the internet is chock full of ideas about how to organise your time and be more productive.  If there was one simple way that worked for everyone, we would all use it all the time! 

So, it’s worth taking a bit of time to try things out and find what works for you.  Perhaps you like to have everything planned and organised to feel in control – or perhaps you like some room to be flexible and spontaneous.  You need to find a balance that works for you and don’t forget that the balance will shift as you go through the year.  Studying becomes stressful  - and inefficient - if you don’t get organised.  Check out our round-up of great tips, best apps and organisational tools on the Getting Organised section of StudyHub.