Maths Appointments

Online bookings for 1:1 tutorials with CSM postgraduate tutors are currently unavailable.

Please see the links to helpful Maths for Engineering resources below, or speak to your course team to find out what additional support is available to you.

Please contact the ASK team if you have further questions.

Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) Self-Enrolment Courses:



Topics include: Algebra, Functions, Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration, Complex Numbers, Vectors, Matrices, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differentiation, Vector Calculus, Numerical Methods, Probability & Statistics.



Open to all Exeter students for help in analysis and statistics; and for numerical reasoning tests in recruitment. See also: My Career Zone:


Maths Peer Assisted Learning

Open Maths Peer Assisted Learning configuration options

Maths (Penryn) is available via the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences section within Peer Support


PAL Facebook Group:  


Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics (open) Workbooks

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Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics