6 steps to Uni Study

6 simple steps that set you on the road to great study habits for uni. It’s probably pretty familiar stuff but why not set each one as a focus for the first six weeks of term – or anytime you need to step up the studying. 

Step 1 – make a note

It might be pen and paper, a phone app, voice notes or good old Word.

A laptop with stickers, a textbook with writing and diagrams and a blue backpack against a wood background

Step 2 – find a book

Hopefully you will get chance to visit the campus Library in person but, even if you can’t, it’s a great idea to start becoming familiar with all it has to offer.  The Libra

Image of books

Step 3 – develop reading muscles

University study in the 21st century is not all about books and reading.  But understanding text and developing your writing skills is still a significant part of most degree cour

Image of books and an ebook reader

Step 4 – plan your time

By now you will have realised that there is quite a lot of studying to manage!  Especially if you have a job or caring responsibilities alongside.  Of course the internet is chock

alarm clock, laptop, notebook and pens

Step 5 – start writing

For many people, serious writing, especially ‘Academic Writing’ looks a bit scary.    For this reason, we suggest you prepare by simply starting writing.   Write as much and whate

Report writing

Step 6 – keep talking

Talking can really help you make sense of reading (see Step 3) and develop writing (see Step 5).  Talking to family or friends or fellow students about what you have read and abou

Student at desk with a coffee, writing on a pad with coloured blocks