Grammar is often referred to as the set of rules of a language, but it is more appropriate to consider it a resource for expressing ideas. It gives you a choice of how to write. These choices can affect the content of your writing, the organisation of it, and your relationship with the reader. Shorter sentences help you avoid grammatical mistakes and make it easier for the reader to follow the line of argument. If in doubt, split long sentences up into two or three. This is especially important if you find writing very challenging or if English is not your first language.

There are many online resources to help you develop your use of language. Here are some of our favourites.

All areas of grammar

A general resource for anyone whose first language is not English, looking at different grammar areas by level of language proficiency.
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Grammar in writing

A resource that focuses on using grammar in your writing
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Using English for Academic Purposes

A great resource for all aspects of language in academic writing.