Keeping track of what you find

Storing Information

As you start researching you will begin to accumulate lots of references to authors, book titles, journal articles and webpages that you will want to remember and go back to. It can be really easy to lose track of these, so it’s a good idea to have a system in place to organise them.

There are several ways you can do this.

If you use a lot of web based material and want to capture something of interest quickly, try:

These free apps offer a quick way to capture webpages, pdfs, images, video clips or articles.

Pocket can link into Evernote, so many people capture things in Pocket, review them and then if they want to keep them, they file them into Evernote.

Remember that these are free services and with any free service, there is a danger you may lose access to material.

Using Referencing software as storage

You can also use referencing software to store the articles, websites and chapters that you want to use in your research.

Freely available software that can also be used to store information includes:

Referencing LibGuide [Exeter] which includes information about EndNote

The advantage of referencing software is that not only does it give you a place to store and organise information, but it can also be used to format citations and generate reference lists.

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