Science Essays

If you are asked to write an essay for a science course, the same standards will apply as with any kind of academic essay. Our short video guide also offers inspiration!

You will be expected to research your topic and read widely, select the best references and write a critical analysis.

On the most basic level, your essay should comprise of an introduction to the topic and your argument – the main discussion where you contextualise, explain and assess ideas, data and issues – a logical conclusion that summarises the content of your essay.

Title Page / ID Include student ID number
States essay title (may be given by lecturer)
Introduction Establishes scientific context of essay
Gives necessary background to topic
States an argument or proposition
Establishes your interpretation of the topic
Defines important technical terms
Outlines the paper's structure
Main Text Has clearly defined sub-sections (either with headings, or signposting language)
Employs clear, logical development of subject matter (following the structure you outlined)
Justifies what led to your point of view
Uses relevant information to support your argument
Uses figures and tables to support the text
Correctly references all sources of information
Numbers and labels all texts and figures
Conclusion Briefly restates the purpose of the essay
Summarises the main points argued in the essay (don't include any new information in a conclusion)
States conclusions clearly and concisely
Sets out the reasons for your conclusions
Indicates suggestions for future research (if appropriate)
List of References All references cited in the text are included

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