Writing critically

Writing critically includes most of the elements of reading critically. Try to sort out what it is that your writing will say - what is it's purpose? . This is a question of taking the time to plan and evaluate both what you have read and your own ideas.

  1. Your finished writing should have a clear line of reasoning (sometimes called an 'argument')
  2. But you may need to start writing and work through a number of 'discovery drafts' before the reasoning emerges - writing is a continuation and clarification of thinking so don't delay starting to write.
  3. At some point you must create a plan to organise all the elements of your writing into a structure which sets out your reasoning
  4. Use evidence (from reading or other research) to support your reasoning

(adapted from: COTTRELL, Stella. 2008. The Study Skills Handbook. 3rd edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.)

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