Assistive technology tools

Remote video URL

Visual stress and screen tinting

  • In the online version of Word (Office 365), Immersive Reader lets you change the background colour and choose a reading ruler. You can also hear the text read out loud.
  • f.lux makes the color of your display adapt to the time of day - warm at night and like sunlight during the day.
  • Visor is a Chrome extension which allows you to change the colour of your screen when reading online.

Scanning/Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • OfficeLens (Google Play) (iTunes) converts images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and saves to OneNote, OneDrive, or your local device.
  • Seeing AI is a talking camera for people with visual impairments. It will read captured text and also recognise faces, currency, barcodes and more.
  • ClaroRead Cloud OCR (Windows) Take a photograph with your mobile device and get back accessible PDF or text to read or edit. 5 documents per month free.
  • Evernote (iTunes) (Google Play) automatically rotates, crops, and adjusts images so your scans are clear and easy to read.
  • Falmouth students can use Blackboard Ally to download documents in other formats, including html and audio files.


  • Try magnifying text and getting it to reflow (fit the width of the screen) in Word or PDF.
  • Declutter web pages by using a Chrome extension such as Mercury Reader or Just Read to remove adverts, comments and other distractions. You can alter settings to change font size and background colour too. 
  • Rewordify will simplify text by using easier words and /or providing definitions.
  • OpenDyslexic is a Chrome extension which changes the font to one which people with dyslexia may find easier to read.