What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy is not just about the technical skills required to effectively search, communicate and create online. It involves a deeper understanding of how the web works and how you interact with it. Digital interactions influence your thinking and behaviour and also what others think of you so it's important to learn how to manage them better.

Why should it matter to me?

Developing digital literacy is important for being in control of key aspects of your life; intellectual, social, economic, civic and political.Taking an active interest in your skills and knowledge can help you become more successful in your studies and in your life outside university. 

You may want to focus on specific areas such as:

  • managing your digital identity for employability,
  • managing your online privacy,
  • being better able to evaluate content online, either for the purposes of scholarship or for making your mind up about fake news and viral misinformation.​

It's important if you want to be an engaged and healthy member of society that you actively manage your digital life.

Introducing digital literacy

For a brief introduction to digital literacy, watch this video (2mins).

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Exploring digital literacy

To find out more about digital literacy, look at our digital literacy Sway presentation or explore this section on Studyhub.


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