Digital footprints

Your digital footprint is influenced by everything you do online. Make sure you know what your digital footprint looks like. Consider your own online identity and how you can shape it to improve your personal 'brand' and future employability. 

Your digital footprint is influenced by everything you do online; searching, playing, creating, communicating and shopping. As well as the information you purposely create and post you also leave a data trail in your wake whenever you are active online.

It’s important to remember too that it’s not just about what you do but what others do, whether that’s tagging you, tracking you or posting a photo of you. Your online presence is effectively your brand so it’s important that you take an interest in it.

Check yourself out online to discover what your digital footprint says about you:​

  • Search for yourself using different tools and browsers​

  • Use Google Takeout​ to discover everything  Google has on you!

  • Check out your Facebook or social media profiles and data

See online identity for employability for tips on building an online presence for your professional life

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Listen to this brief summary of what you need to know.

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Watch the video below from Digital Education and Social Media expert Nicola Osborne which explores the impact of digital identity in more depth.

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