1:1 Appointments

Our appointments are available to students studying at Falmouth University (on campus and online) and the University of Exeter (Cornwall campuses). Students based at other Exeter campuses are supported by the StudyZone.

ASK offer one-to-one advice on study skills and writing. We do not offer a proof reading service.  Please book an appointment with Languages Academic Language skills team if English is your second language. Book here. 

  • Study skills - we offer advice and guidance on study skills such as getting organized, time management, preparing for presentations, strategies for tackling reading, note-taking, working in groups and teams, referencing and research, revising for exams, tackling the first essay, reflective writing, planning a dissertation, strategies for drafting, structuring and revising academic writing, responding to feedback, etc.  
  • Academic writing -  we also offer advice on student writing. We can offer either detailed reading on up to 500 words or a general overview of writing up to 2500 words. If you would like us to review your writing, we ask that you email us a draft in MS Word format before the appointment.
  • Email feedback - please contact us if you would prefer email feedback on your work. 
  • Write Time - each week in term-time we offer structured writing sessions.  Find out more

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1:1 appointments online through MS Teams

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Please only book one appointment at once.

If you can't find a suitable appointment time please email ask@fxplus.ac.uk and we will do our best to fit you in.

    Book an in-person Tutorial: Penryn or Falmouth campus

    in-person 1:1 appointments at  Penryn campus

    Penryn campus bookings

    Please only book for one appointment at a time. 


    in person 1:1 appointments at Falmouth campus

    Falmouth campus bookings

    Please only book for one appointment at a time.