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Alba Costa Lorenzo

My research focuses on the effects of ecological restoration through exotic plant species removal on mutualistic and antagonistic interaction networks, with a special focus on seed-dispersal. I have experience working with generalised linear mixed models (GLMMs) in R, and I can help with coding, data processing, data visualization and statistical modelling. I can also provide advice on how to present the results efficiently using attractive and informative graphs and contribute with useful resources.

Melanie Chan

Melanie Chan

I am studying the use of stable isotope technology to infer migration status of birds from different breeding population origins. My broader interests include urban avian ecology and conservation.
My experiences in R include basic data processing, linear model and generalized linear model construction and so on. I am also happy to help with topics such as experimental design and the interpretation of statistical results.

Dugald Foster

Dugald Foster

I work on the evolution of cooperation in humans, including the evolution of social learning and cultural transmission. I have experience working with phylogenetic, demographic, epidemiological and survey data. I can provide support in R, including help with data transformation, visualisation and statistical modelling. I'm also interested in causal inference, and would be happy to discuss the validity of conclusions you draw from your combination of data, study design and statistical models. (Basically, making sure you’re testing what you think you’re testing!)


Hugh White

My PhD research aims to determine how ecological niche shapes bacterial genetic variation, and how this determines bacterial phenotype. I have a lot of experience working with generalised linear mixed models, ANOVA and post-hoc tests in R, in addition to using the program for bioinformatics. I have helped run statistics workshops and as such can help with code trouble-shooting, provide tips on visualising the data and provide guidance on packages you might need.

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Meaghan Castledine

My research examines how microbes evolve and adapt, particularly in phage therapy (the use of viruses to treat bacterial infections) and in microbial communities. I have experience in statistical analyses from simple t-tests and regressions to complex generalised linear mixed effects models and I have experience in interpreting growth rate and survival analyses; I can help you build and interpret these models in R. I can also help with data visualisation using R packages such as ggplot.

Joe Westley

Joe Westley

My PhD research investigates how bacterial immune systems influence horizontal gene transfer. My masters project involved researching thermal adaptation in microbial communities. In R I can help with general coding issues, data handling, stats tests from simple linear regressions to mixed effect generalised linear models, growth rate analysis, and thermal performance curve analysis. I can also help with running bioinformatic tools from the unix command line, and I have experience analysing nanopore sequence data, with a particular focus on using nanopore to detect epigenetic modifications.