Books and eBooks

Books are a good starting point when you want to find out about general theories and background information.

Falmouth University students should use Library Search (Falmouth) to search for books on your topic.

University of Exeter students should use Library Search (Exeter). For guidance on finding Penryn campus items see the Penryn Campus LibGuide.

Don't be too specific in your choice of keywords. If you were looking for books about tracking shots, for example, you could search for titles about cinematic techniques and then read the appropriate chapter.

As a Falmouth University or University of Exeter student you have access to all the books in the Penryn Campus Library and the Falmouth Campus Library. You can also request to borrow books from the libraries on the Exeter campus.

Finding print books

How to find print books in the Library
Image of library shelves

Using ebooks

How to find and read ebooks online
Image of books and an ebook reader