Online presence for employability

Employers often check social media and the web to find out about you when you apply for a job. If you leave your digital identity unchecked and unmanaged you may find you fall at the first hurdle before you’ve even had a chance to present yourself in person.

Find out about the four things employers look for when they Google you. It is important to keep your digital footprint in check and curate an online identity you are happy to present to the world.

Professional and academic social media networks

To create a positive digital identity it might be helpful to join professional networks in your area of work or study. Here are some suggestions. We're sure you know of many more - find out what colleagues, teachers and professionals in your area are using.

Linked In - your online CV and the world's largest professional network

Twitter - use it to connect with useful people, join in professional conversations and promote your research

Jiscmail - thousands of mailing lists, used by many working in higher education in the UK

Building a brand online

If you are starting out in business it is even more important to manage your online identity proactively. You will need to build a brand identity and cultivate an active presence on the web. There are many tools and services to help you build your website, blog or vlog but think about identity and promotion. Protect your digital self and digital creations with Creative Commons licenses and build your brand using social media. Think carefully about your personal and professional identities and how they overlap. 


Personal Branding - Goldie Chan (Linked In Learning) 

More resources can be found via your university employability support service:

Falmouth Realworks employability service  

Exeter Career Zone