Think about your topic

Think about:

  • What is your topic?
  • Why are you interested in it?
  • What is your essay title or research question? (break it down to the main keywords)

Identify some words that come up for you around your topic/research area.

    Exploring your topic

    Watch this short video for some tips on how to get started exploring and mapping out your topic.

    Learn about some of the key questions to ask yourself.

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    Clarifying your topic

    A good starting point is to explore your topic using reference sources. Try some of the reference sources available on your subject guide.

    Think about some of the following questions:

    • What is your time period?
    • Who are the key authors involved?
    • What are the key examples of work involved?
    • How in depth/long is your research going to be?

    During your research keep coming back to your essay title or research question to remind you of what you are focusing on.

    Learn about reading strategies to help you engage more effectively with the sources you discover.