Academic Databases

What are they?

Both Falmouth and Exeter subscribe to a wide range of online databases. These are large directories of content such as articles, images, market trend reports and scientific papers. They can be used to locate useful journal articles for your essays simply by typing in a name or some keywords that describe your topic.

In many cases these articles will be available to view online. If not, it may be possible to source a copy either on our shelves or from another library (see requests information for Falmouth University requests and University of Exeter requests)

All databases will either provide links to the whole article for you to read, print or download, or will provide enough detail for you to be able to find it in the library or elsewhere.

University of Exeter students might prefer to use their Using Electronic Resources LibGuide and E-Resources Help LibGuide


Why use them?

Using Library databases can save you time and effort compared to searching individual journals or wading through web search results. You should also use academic databases because the information included in the databases will most likely be of a high academic quality.

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Falmouth digital collections

Have a look at this video about why and when you might want to explore our digital collections at Falmouth rather than just using Library Search or Google Scholar.

Digital collections include academic databases as well as other collections we have including collections of audio-visual material - sometimes with supplementary features and tools to support research in a particular area.  



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Finding a relevant database


You can find details of specialist resources for your subject within the Digital Collections area of your Subject Guides  and discover the databases that your Academic Liaison Librarian recommends.

You can also use Library Search, which enables you to search multiple databases from a single search box. Library Search can be a good place to start your search. Be aware though that not every database is searchable via Library Search. The databases that are not searchable include Box of Broadcasts, some of our trends databases and business databases. You can find out more about Library Search by visiting our playlist of support videos.


Electronic resources available to University of Exeter students are in a Databases A-Z list, and can be filtered further by Subject. You can also use your Subject LibGuide, which pulls together not only the recommended databases for your subject but also provides useful library links and study skills advice. The Geography LibGuide is a typical example.

You can also use Library Search, which enables you to search multiple databases from a single search box. This can be a good place to start your search. If you'd like to know more about using Library Search, try Library Search: What is it? How do I use it?

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