Research and finding information

Getting started

How to start your research
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Finding information

Finding information from a variety of sources.

Screenshot of the Falmouth Subject Guides

Evaluating information

How to decide if a source will be useful to your research.
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Keeping up to date

How to be alerted to new and relevant sources for your research.
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Keeping track of what you find

Tools to help you capture and reference the sources you find.
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Useful Resources

Books, tools and websites to help with your research
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Decorative image of the Library Pathway

Library pathway

For new students at Falmouth University.

Library Pathway will guide you through everything you need to know about the library during your first term as an undergraduate.

Screenshot of the Cornish Studies LibGuide. Decorative.

Subject Libguides

For University of Exeter students.

Everything you need to know about using the Library and finding suitable information for your assignments. LibGuides are specfic to your subject.

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Academic Liaison

Your Academic Liaison Librarian provides subject-specific support with your research.

We can help you to make best use of the Library for your studies.