Postgraduate Researchers

Starting to Write

The first and most important principle is: it’s never too early to start working on your thesis!
Starting to write

Supervision and Meetings

You will be working under the guidance of a ‘supervisor’, but in most cases this is secondary to your independent management of the project

Literature Reviews

For most people a literature review makes up at least 10% of their final thesis. Think of it as a kind of map that guides your reader through the 'state of the art' in your research field, focusing specifically on how it is relevant to your own project.
Research notes

Research Ethics

You will find lots of interesting information online about research ethics in your field, here are a few places you could start for general information

Project Organisation

PhD's often struggle to communicate the range of skills they have to potential employers, and project management is a really important one.

Resources for researcher support

A dedicated resource list to support you with your research
pile of books