Step 5 – start writing

For many people, serious writing, especially ‘Academic Writing’ looks a bit scary.    For this reason, we suggest you prepare by simply starting writing.   Write as much and whatever and whenever you can. You will be warming and extend those writing muscles.  You could try writing a summary once or twice a week of what you have learned – just set a timer and write for 10 minutes or 25 if you can manage it.  It doesn’t have to make sense or be in complete sentences!  You could try writing a short summary of a lecture or seminar or a chapter without your notes – or with them. 

The important thing is to get used to yourself writing.  And what happens to your thoughts as you write. 

By the way, ‘free writing’ is a great way to de-stress and take stock – look it up on Google!

Ready to go deeper?

Writing at university nowadays is not just about essays and dissertations and you will learn how to write for different audiences and different purposes.  You can check out our comprehensive guides to Written Assignments on StudyHub.