Harvard Referencing at Falmouth University

Visual guide to referencing in colour

An example full reference for a book

The Guides

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Worked examples for many types of source including books, journals, videos, websites.  Includes how to reference unusual sources or when information is missing.  Indexed pdf - 21 pages.

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Clear examples of how to reference different image types for your essays, reports and dissertations.  Indexed pdf document - 11 pages

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Explains the difference between Bibliography and List of References, where to put your list of figures, gives examples of List of Figures and Lists of References. Indexed pdf - 5 pages

A printable copy of the complete referencing guide is available

Referencing Video Tutorials

4 min, 31 s
Why we need to reference, introduction to quotation, paraphrase and summary, the two parts of Harvard: the citation and the full reference.
2 min, 22 s
Citations need to appear in brackets, in your writing, to follow quotations and paraphrases. Here we show you what you should put in the brackets
4 min, 19 s
A quick guide to creating a caption and a full reference for a variety of images. Includes examples of art and design from a website, journal, image database and a book.
2 min, 28 s
Worked examples of creating a full reference for journal articles, in print and online.
1 min, 23 s
A worked example of creating a citation and full reference for a book.
2 min, 10 s
An example of referencing a website and what to do if some of the reference information is missing (eg no author).
3 min, 29 s
The basics of creating your list. Plus checking your list for consistency in Falmouth Harvard Style.

Reference management tools

A quick video guide to software tools available to help manage your research and referencing
Photo of a pile of books and a laptop on a desk