Useful apps and online tools for ADHD

DSA software - if you have it, use it.

If you get Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) for your ADHD, you will probably have been given some useful study skills software. If you aren't sure how it works, email us at 

The apps and tools below are free or freemium.

Alarms, lists and reminders

Alarmed - (iOS only). Free with paid add-ons. Set reminders and alarms, with repeats and notes. Has a useful 'Nag Me' feature.

Alarmy - (iOS and Android). Free with paid add-ons. If you have trouble waking up and getting up, Alarmy lets you set yourself 'missions' such as solving a maths problem, scanning a barcode or shaking your phone multiple times. It will also check on you to see if you are fully awake and can gradually increase the volume of the alarm. It will also play sleep sounds at night to help you sleep.

Microsoft To Do - (iOS and Android/web/Windows). Free. Create lists with due dates, reminders, repeats and added files. Integrates with Outlook.

Momentum - (Chrome extension). Free with paid add-ons. Add to-do lists to your screen, along with inspirational photos and quotes.

Time Timer - (iOS and Android). Free. Visual countdown timer. Set multiple coloured timers with alarms to stay on track.

Trello - (Web.) Free with paid add-ons. Create boards with task cards which you can move around. Add links, files, lists and reminders to cards then archive when you are done. Collaborate with others.

Focus and concentration

Forest - (iOS and Android/Mac and Chrome Extension). Small cost. Beat addiction to your phone by planting a virtual seed and watching it grow into a tree.

Focusmate - (web). Three free sessions a week with paid option for more. Book a 50-minute co-working session online, where you say hi, tell each other what you are working on then work. Or, try Study 1 on 1 on Discord.

Freedom - (iOS and Android/Mac and Windows/web). Free trial then various pricing options. Lets you block websites, apps or the whole internet on multiple devices so you don't get distracted.

StayFocusd - (Chrome extension). Free. Allows you to block or limit your access to distracting websites.

Strict Workflow - (Chrome extension). Free. Pomodoro timer which encourages working in 25-minute bursts and blocks distracting websites.

Habits and routines - (iOS and Android/web). Free with paid add-ons. Habit-tracking app with targets and reminders to help you turn behaviours into habits. Track your progress and tap into community support.

stickK - (Web.) Free. Define your goal and agree on a Commitment Contract. You can pledge to pay money to a charity, anti-charity, friend or foe if you don't meet your goal.

Healthy living and wellbeing

Be Okay - (iOS and Android). Free. Helps you relax and control your breathing during a panic attack. Simple.

Finch - (iOS and Android). Freemium. A pet app which helps you feel more positive and encourages you to look after yourself with its self-care exercises.

SleepTown - (iOS and Android). Small cost. Set sleep goals and, if you meet them, you will be rewarded with a new building for your town.

UniWellbeing app - (iOS and Android). Free. For Falmouth and Exeter students, it includes wellbeing tips, podcasts, a habit tracker, a journal and more.

Managing money

Chip - (iOS and Android). Free with paid add-ons.  which autosaves money from your current account into a savings pot which earns interest.

Snoop - (iOS and Android). Free with paid add-on. Track your spending and get personalised money-saving suggestions.

Splittr - iOS and Android). Free with paid add-ons. Helps you split expenses between friends fairly.



ASK Assignment Calculator - (Web.) Free. Helps you create a schedule based on your start and hand-in date.

Jiffy Reader - (Chrome extension.) Free. Bionic reading creates focus points by bolding letters in the text. This guides your eyes and speeds up your reading.

Just Read - (Chrome extension.) Free with paid add-on. Declutter a web page, delete unwanted sections and customise font size and background colour for easier reading.

Noisli - (Web.) Free with paid add-ons. Play background sounds to help you focus. Includes a simple timer.

Pacemaker Planner - (Web.) Free with paid add-ons. Helps you plan how much you need to write and sets a schedule which suits the way you like to work.

Weaver Highlighter - (Chrome extension.) Free. Highlight and annotate pdfs and webpages and organise pages into folders and subfolders.