Can I ask the Library to buy ebooks from Amazon or Google eBookstore?

These sites sell ebooks to individuals and not to libraries. We will try and find another supplier of the book, but this isn’t always possible. Please email library@fxplus.ac.uk with your request.

I’d prefer to read the ebook on my own mobile device (iPad, android phone, iPhone). Is it possible?

Good instructions can be found via the Oxford University Library website

I’d prefer to read the ebook on my own ereader (Kindle, Kobo, Nook). Is it possible?

Generally this isn't possible because traditional ebook readers use their own proprietary software. However, if you have a Kindle Fire, it is possible if you download Bluefire Reader.

Why can’t Exeter and Falmouth students access the same ebooks?

Access to ebooks is governed by licencing agreements from the publishers to ensure they are only access by those who have paid to see them. Falmouth University and University of Exeter have separate licences based on their teaching needs and student numbers, and at present it is not cost effective for Exeter and Falmouth to subscribe to them jointly.

If you find an ebook that you’d like to use but are unable to due to restriction, please email library@fxplus.ac.uk and library staff maybe able to provide a solution.

Why am in seeing ‘This ebook is currently in use’ or ‘Currently being viewed’ messages when I try to access an eBook?

Most eBooks allow multiple users to read them at any one time. However, some of our eBook suppliers limit the number of users. These include some books provided by Dawsonera. It is usually posible to reserve the book, and you will have 24 hours to 'pick it up' and use it. If you find you are repeatedly get the in use messages, please contact library@fxplus.ac.uk or use the ‘Ask a librarian’ service

Why do I have to 'Request Loan' for some ebooks?

Some ebooks require further authorisation before the library is charged for them and the text is made available to you. Click on the Request Loan button if prompted and your request will be sent to the relevant librarian.