In-text Citations in Harvard Referencing

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Hello, I'm Helen from ask and this quick video tutorial is all about citations. What is the citation a citation is something that follows on from quote or a paraphrase within your written work? It is bracketed. And the information that needs to go in is your author surname the year of the publication of the text and the page number. However, you need to remember if it's from a website.

There may not be a page number to a company this the other thing you need to remember is that citations are usually included in the word count of your essay. So if you're going to be using somebody else's words within your essays whether it's through a direct quotation, so it's word for word or whether you're paraphrasing something. There's two ways of citing an author.

So for example, if the author's name is mentioned in the text, then you can omit this from your citation. So if you introduce that author, then your citation will just be the year and the page number. However, if the author hasn't been introduced then they must be referenced in the citation.

Just as this is an example shows here. We've got the surname of the author the year and the page number. when you are writing your citations, if you have more than one author, this is how it should look for example, if you have two authors, it should be just John and Hughes, you just need to put an and in between it followed by your year and your page number if you've got three authors you need to then comma Name and other name followed by year and page number again.

However, if you have more than three authors, the rule usually is that you put the first author in followed by et al this means and others, so it's still recognizes that there are more than one author, but it just makes sure that your citation isn't too large again.

It's followed by year and page number. If you're writing a quotation, this three lines are longer you need to make sure that you write this separately and that you indent it. As you can see with this quotation here, we've introduced the author before the quotation. So the citation is just then the year and the page number.

So just a final reminder all citations should be author surname year and page number unless of course. It's a website which will not have a page number.