Online tools

A round-up of some of the most useful web tools


Screenshot of Visuwords showing mind map of words related to 'beautiful'


An online visual dictionary that generates mind maps of related words. Beautiful! 

Screenshot of showing synonyms of the word 'nice'

Build your vocabulary with this online tool which gives synonyms, definitions and pronunciations of words. 

Screenshot of a Trello board with cards in lists


A free online tool to help you manage tasks and projects, using visual boards. Create lists with draggable cards, then add links, colour coding, checklists, reminders and more.

Screenshot of keyboard showing finger position for typing the letter 'a' and words including 'a' for practice

Learn the useful skill of touch typing with this free online tool. Register, practise and track your progress.

Screenshot of, a simple Pomodoro timer, counting down.

A simple online Pomodoro timer, which counts down from 25 minutes, or shorter break times. Find out more about the Pomodoro technique.

Screenshot of text dictated and transcribed on smartphone being viewed online

Otter ai

Record audio on your smartphone or tablet and it will be transcribed. View, listen and edit online. Watch the Otter ai video here.

Screenshot of a Coggle mind map showing coloured branches, images and icons


Coggle is a free and easy-to-learn mind mapping tool. Watch the Coggle video here.

Screenshot of Rewordify settings showing choice of display mode, level and highlighting.


Rewordify is an online tool which simplifies texts and defines difficult words. Watch the Rewordify video here.

Screenshot showing text pasted in box to be read by Natural Reader Online. Controls displaying choices such as voice, speed, font size etc.

Natural Reader Online

A text-to-speech tool with natural-sounding voices. Customise speed, voice and highlighting to suit. You can also upload documents, PDFs and PowerPoints to read out loud. Watch the NRO video here.

Screenshot of Evernote Web Clipper showing editing pane for clipped section

Evernote/Evernote Web Clipper

Save, organise and annotate images, webpages, photos, scans and files and sync across all your devices. Online, app (iOS and Android) and extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Screenshot of Noteboard Sticky Notes extension showing virtual stickies

Note Board

Virtual note board where you can write tasks, add notes, upload files and save online content. Available online, as a Chrome extension or a mobile app (iOS and Android).

Screenshot of Wayback Machine showing a timeline of archived webpage versions

Wayback Machine

If a webpage is no longer available, Wayback Machine will look for an archived version which you can open. Online and available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Screenshot of Keep showing collected images, text and links

Google Keep

Save links, images and notes and sync these between your devices. Extension works with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Also online and app for iOS and Android.

Screenshot of Grammarly showing suggested corrections


Checks your spelling, punctuation and grammar as you write. Extension works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.


Free PDF annotator for multiple platforms and devices (including online). Add notes and comments to pdfs. Rotate, reorder and merge several PDFs together.


Free online tool to help you develop your reading speed.

Tomato Timer

Free online Pomodoro timer.

My Study Bar

A set of freeware apps to help with reading, writing, planning and organisation. Comes with tutorials and can be run from a flash drive. PC only.


Simple, online tool (and app) for creating mind maps and mood boards.

Box of Broadcasts

Allows you to search for and watch a huge range of television and radio programmes.