TABS - Lectures

  • Link to Lifehack article
  • Cogi

    Cogi keeps the last few moments of audio buffered. When someone says something interesting, just tap the highlight button and Cogi backs up to capture and save what was just said. Then tap again to stop it recording. Saves you having to listen to long recordings. iOS and Android.

  • Cornell Notes

    Cornell Notes - Fillable Fields

    Free, downloadable Cornell Notes template - this pdf file can be edited so you can type in notes.

  • Link to DeeperWeb tutorial


    A Google tool which allows you to refine your search results using tag clouds.

  • Link to Easy Voice Recorder

    Easy Voice Recorder

    Recording app for Android which allows you to record and transfer audio files to your computer.

  • Evernote

    Organise notes into notebooks. Add images, sketches, lists and webclips. Access anywhere. Available across a range of platforms.

  • How to take notes in Class: 5 Best Methods

    YouTube Video explaining five different methods for taking notes in lectures (but can also apply to notes from reading).

  • Link to Notability.


    Use Notability to take and organise notes. Can sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, mark-up photos, record lectures, record audio, add images and webclips. Note - has a cost (under £10). Detailed guide here.

  • Link to OneNote page


    Create notebooks, with multiple sections and multiple pages. Share and collaborate with others. Cross platform and mainly free. Click here to find out how it compares to Evernote.

  • Link to Sonocent Recorder site

    Sonocent Recorder

    Intended for use with (expensive but useful) AudioNotetaker software, but you can pay £10 for the standalone app which allows you to record and colour code lectures and add images, screenshots and notes. iOS and Android.