Office 365 features

The online version of Office (Office 365) is full of useful features to help you study.

Logging in to Office 365

To log into your Office 365 account, go to and sign in with your university email and password. From there, you can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Stream, OneDrive and more.

Keep up to date with new features

See the full list of Microsoft Accessibility features - new tools are added all the time. 



Screenshot of Teams video showing how to switch on captions

Live captions in Teams

In a Teams video meeting, switch captions on to read as well as hear what people are saying.

Screenshot of Microsoft Editor checking grammar, conciseness, clarity and more


Use Editor in Word and Outlook to check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, conciseness and much more.

Screenshot of a page in Word with heading styles appearing in the navigation pane

Heading styles in Word

Heading styles are a nifty way to structure a written assignment and navigate around it easily. Watch the video to find out more.

Screenshot of page being dictated in Word showing control panel

Dictation in Word

Dictate straight into Word using your inbuilt microphone or Word app on your smartphone. Watch the video to find out more.

Screenshot of Immersive Reader showing background colour and font options

Immersive Reader

Use Immersive Reader in Word, Outlook and OneNote to read text out loud, change the font, spacing and background colour and use a reading ruler. Watch the video to find out more.