Introduction to library subject guides

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Subject Guides for Falmouth university students can be found on the library website at Firstly, just check you're on the right part of the website which is aimed at Falmouth university students. Once on the Falmouth page, you can find your subject guides by going to the Discover resources section. Clicking on the link, explore your subject guides. From here you can find your department page.

So I'm going to select AMATA for Academy of Music, Theatre Arts. And here you can find the librarian for this department. Plus access to support with using the library. And then underneath you can find all the different subject resources pages that your librarian thinks are most relevant to you. So if you're a music and sound student, you might want to click here on the music and sound page. And your librarian has brought together some information about different types of resources, as well as links to some of those key resources for you. So for example, here we have a link to journals that have been recommended by your librarian for you as a music student but you also have links to other subject resource pages, which may be relevant to you still as a music student, and also the opportunity to explore all our subject guides because you may find that many other guides are also relevant to your research.

If you still need help with finding subject resources, after you've had an explore, then please get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarian. You can book an appointment with them through Book A Librarian. You can go to a library drop in, attend an online session or you can contact them directly using the contact information provided.