Introducing the FXPlus library website

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This video will introduce you to key features and navigation of your library website, which can be found at The video is primarily aimed at Falmouth users, but we'll also signpost pages for other users of our website and services too. 

So here on the library homepage you will find some audience selectors here at the top. If you're a Falmouth student or member of staff, select Falmouth. If you're an excellent student or staff member, select Exeter to link to information and resources held by Exeter University Library, as well as information about our campus libraries here and Penryn and if you're a visitor, you can find visitor and allumini information via this option. But there's a shortcuts menu here up on the right hand side too, which will remain present throughout the website and you can always use that to get back to key pages without going back to the homepage, but the audience menus will will remain present too. 

Central to the homepage is a library search box here and this will enable you to delve straight into searching our library collections. Do note though, that the library search box here is different than the website search box up at the top of the screen. This will search online for your website content rather than the library collections themselves. We also have a new section here on the homepage where you can check out our latest library announcements. And finally, at the bottom of the page, you can find our library contact details. This should be available wherever you are in our site. And don't forget, we have a live chat service available which should always be here on the right hand side in this little tab. So now on to our Falmouth page.

And you can see here that the audience selector menu options continue at the top of the page and will follow your trail. It might also be a good idea to bookmark this page as a Falmouth student. And what I want to show you really are these three key menu cards here at the top. Firstly, there's the Discover Resources menu which provides the routes to all your resources and next we have the borrow renew and request menu, which will give you information about how to access the physical resources and the campus libraries as well as how to get ahold of things we don't have and finally the visit a campus library card which is fairly self explanatory, but I'll show you those in a little more detail shortly. 

But first, a quick look at other things on the page. Mid page again, we have the search box for Library Search which enables you to search our library collections. And we have some links to other support here too which may be useful like library pathway which is a bank of multimedia resources to help you develop library skills. We have Study Hub, which provides study skills support and access to the support teams, their contact information and bookings. And then we have some copyright information here as well. But do note that there are pages for other users here as well. So if you're a researcher or a member of staff or a farmers partner, you can find information on those pages too. 

So back up to those key menu cards at the top. One of the key things in the Discover Resources menu is the link to the Subject guides. And we have another video about the subject guides on our channel, which will provide details at the end of this video. But you can find it in library pathway too. But just to say that we have 29 library subject guides currently, which can be accessed through your department pages via this link. And they provide guidance and links to resources that are recommended by the Academic liaison librarian for your subject. So we recommend you have an explore of though you can also link directly to online resource lists by entering module codes via this link. And you can explore Archives and Special collections and find out all about the team here. As well as finding out information about all our resources down at the bottom. And next just another look at borrow, renew and request. The menus here give you detailed information about how you can borrow, renew, how to request things that we don't have, and it gives you a way to access your library count as well as the link on the shortcuts menu. And before you visit one of our campus libraries, you might want to check out our opening times information about our study spaces all Booker a space for yourself. So that's the end of our quick tour of some of the library website. But do have an explore yourself and if you have any feedback please do get in touch and check out our other videos as well that will provide you with further information about library services that are available to you